Single horizontal soft pressurized chamber

1、 Product Name: single horizontal soft supercharged cabin

2、 Product features:

1. The cabin is made of high-quality aviation environment-friendly degradable TPU, laser cutting, seamless heat sealing and observation window. YKK zipper is used to make double-layer flexible self-adaptive differential pressure space isolation seal. The service life of cabin is more than 3000 hours. The cabin can be equipped with negative ion latex pad and high density sponge pad.

2. Flexible transfer, this cabin can be transferred by ship or car under pressure.

3、 Technical index:

1. Maximum working pressure: ≤ 0.03mpa

2. Horizontal: Φ 750 * 1900 (mm)

3. Number of patients: 1

4. Cabin leakage rate: ≤ 15% / h

5. Pressurized medium: air

6. Oxygen concentration in Cabin: ≤ 23%

7. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

8. Pressurization time: ≤ 10min

9. Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

10. Working environment temperature: 0 ℃~ + 30 ℃

11. Cabin noise: ≤ 50dB

12. Control mode:

Automatic control: PLC automatic control

Manual control: manual control valve inside and outside cabin (for emergency)


Front view of single horizontal soft pressurized chamber

Integrated machine box (PLC main control, air compressor, oxygen generator)


Control cabinet touch screen panel

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