The profile of Hongyuan Organizational Development process Enterprise Culture Strategic Planning

Enterprise Culture


The arduous entrepreneurial process and more than ten years' struggle history have tempered the will of Hongyuan people, built their character, condensed their spirit and formed their unique corporate culture.

【The core idea of Hongyuan culture】

  Corporate mission:Pay attention to human health and provide safe and high quality oxygen chamber for society

  Corporate vision:Set up a century of grand vision and create a world brand

  Enterprise core values:Innovation, quality, safety and integrity

  Policy of plant construction:To be the leader of manned pressure cabin industry

  Enterprise spirit:Innovation and development, lean manufacturing

  management idea:To be the most reliable friend of customers, we should comply with the law, operate in good faith

  quality policy:Technology leading, make first-class products; process control to ensure safety, let customers rest assured; market-oriented continuous improvement, take the road of quality and efficiency