International co-operation


 In September 2014, we sign strategic cooperation agreement with the international industry leader American OxyHeal Health Group to develop the international market hand in hand, moving towards domestic high-end fields, building international first-class products and innovating industrial service model.

      American OxyHeal Health Group is a professional integrated enterprise majoring in the design and manufacture of chambers and clinical medical services management. The Group is divided into three companies and one university, OxyHeal Health Group, Inc.,OxyHeal Medical Systems, Inc, OxyHeal tunneling Group Inc and OxyHeal University Inc majoring in staff training and technology research. With over 40 years of professional experience and continued efforts, OxyHeal has become the world leading vertically integrated enterprise in the industry.

      OxyHeal Health Group’s OxyHeal Medical System, Inc. specialize in designing and manufacturing high-end chamber products. Their rectangular chambers adopt new rectangular structure with advanced computer operation, recording and storage integrated functions and install light and reliable widened sliding gate, meeting the needs of various supervision and rescue equipment used by critical patients. The whole system is safe and reliable and have advanced performances, reaching the international first level.

      Cooperating with American OxyHeal Health Group hand in hand and refining decades of product designing and manufacturing experience, we further introduce international advanced concepts and technologies to study and manufacture the first-class international high-end products, making Hongyuan chamber the first-class brand.Under the premise of consolidating the leading position in the present product industry, we march toward the new fields of diving saturation, tunneling intervention protection, medical hyperbaric managements etc and make efforts to expand the international market with American OxyHeal Health Group hand in hand.