Service standards


1.To introduce the functions and usage for customer,provide related technical materials,to be the brain-man for customer.

2.To free design on room deployment and groundwork,frequently dispatch technicians to the installation spot to cooperate and solve the related problems about construction.

3.To provide operation on the spot and training free,ensure learn about and grasp operation,maintain in a skilled way.

4.Within one week since the delivery,we will dispatch technicians to serve on the spot,ensuring its function in safe and reliable way.

5.To maintain the whole facility one year for free,the oxygen cabin body,gas storage pot and related pressure vessels maintain 20 years for free.

6.To provide the initiative service, ”Three Patrols Plus Six Checks Services”: visiting customer one time per three months and to learn about the operation circumstance and to help customers to maintain equipment;to check the safety circumstances and draw a report one time every six months.

7.To response in 2 hours and supply a opinion how to deal with if we get the requirement from 24 hours our field service engineers will get to the spot if the spot solution is needed,engineers will not retreat if the problems are not solved.

8.We promise seriously that the running ratio must reach 100% under the normal usage.if it need change maintain or changing parts,we will solve it in rest time to make sure that the equipment will not be halted.

9.After free maintain finished,we will be responsible for the maintain for its life,we only charge the parts cost,not charge the hotel and traveling expenses,not mention profits.

10.To supply the parts to customer only in a cost way for its life.

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