Innovative Concepts

      Innovation is what Hongyuanese pursue unremittingly and doggedly. Innovating concepts constantly and improve products, Hongyuanese manufactured high quality products better meeting the clinical requirements; Persisting to challenge ourselves and exploring to development, Hongyuanese begin to march toward a wider product fields. Today, Hongyuan has become a professional company specializing in manufacturing various kinds of pressure vessels for human occupancy and its products are involved in medical hyperbaric clinic, diving security, tunneling security, plateau security, emergency salvage and many other fields. In October 2014, Hongyuan company signed the strategic cooperative agreement with American OxyHeal Health Group who take the leading position in the international industry of manufacturing hyperbaric chamber, marching toward medical hyperbaric clinical management, tunneling hyperbaric intervention, saturation diving systems and other new fields with the international pioneer hand in hand.

      Wanting to see things thousands miles away, ascending yourself one more story of the tower. Hongyuanese are lifting their spirits and mustering up the courage, marching towards a higher enterprise peak.