The profile of Hongyuan Organizational Development process Enterprise Culture Strategic Planning


    On October 14, 2014,Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. with the international industry leader American OxyHeal Health Group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, launched the "Hongyuan intellectual-made, quality strategy", opened a joint development of the international market, and enter into the domestic high-end areas, to create a new chapter in international first-class products.

    A new generation of medical air compression oxygen chamber (export-type • flat structure) with a new design structure, completely changed the traditional mode of the oxygen chamber, the bottom of the cabin with flat structure, and can be placed directly on the floor or on the ground (didn’t need to dig the basement), which is greatly convenience for the oxygen chamber location, and can save a lot of construction costs; Every system piping of the oxygen chamber adopt integrated modular and concentration on the top of the cabin, which is very convenience to installation and maintenance; The upper part of the cabin is equipped with a circular decorative plate, and the circular decorative plate equipped with a large-screen TV and a product logo, and the top of the cabin is connected with the ceiling of the house to be designed in a unified and novel shape.

    To meet the different needs of users and different levels of demand for products, a new generation of medical air compression oxygen chamber (export-type • flat structure) adapt difference design, divided into three generations products: The first- generation of products achieved a new design of the cabin structure, using a flat head, wide-type sliding doors, flat bottom structure, system piping integrated modules and innovative appearance designs (the sample project for first generation products is Shanghai Blue Cross Brain Hospital); The second-generation products are based on the first generation products to use a new inner decorate and function settings, the seat, stretcher and ICU beds in the chamber can arbitrary transformation and park, Oxygen equipment can meet the needs of different patients with oxygen therapy, the environment of cabin is very elegant, warm and comfortable, and can achieve the overall cabin disinfection, which is a major change to oxygen cabin functional design and decorative layout, and can fully meet the various needs of high-pressure oxygen clinical use (the sample froject for second-generation product is Yantai Beihai Hospital); The third-generation of products is based on the second-generation products according to the needs of high-end customers to make high-end customization, which is focus on emergency and severe disease treatment of ICU oxygen chamber and the special oxygen chamber which is to recovery brain paralysis child, we will based on the needs of users to equipted with impeccable monitoring and rescue equipment and security power supply facilities.