Investor introduction


   Brightstone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, and with registered capital of RMB3.77 billion yuan. It adheres to the investment idea of “deep plowing industry, keep integrity and innovation”, and adheres to the direct investment and asset management two-way development strategy, and it has now become an important influence on the domestic industry investment group. On July 22, 2015, Brightstone officially landed the new three boards(stock code: 832924) and opened a new chapter of the company development.

      In the aspect of direct investment, the Group has the core business in its own fund holding or strategic shareholding industry chain,and develop deep resources integration between industry and industry, fully enjoying the high-speed development bonus of the industry and gradually realizing the advanced manufacturing, energy saving, new energy, new materials, national defense industry, medical and health, cultural media, tourism consumption and other industries deep plowing layout.It major invest two types of enterprises: First, large-scale industry leading enterprises with stable performance and anti-risk capability, and through strategic investment to become the controlling shareholder or important influencial shareholders. Through the combination of industry and financial investment to help them carry out the integration of industrial resources to further enhance its competitiveness and bring sustained and stable investment return for shareholders; Second, emerging industries in the field of great growth potential of the  "technology innovation little giant" enterprise, through the implementation of the "Xinzhu" program, holding and acquisitions, carefully nurture,and seize the rise of new industries historical opportunity for the company's long-term performance growth basis.  Up to now, the strategic direct invest module of Brightstone has been holding or focus on investment in seven unlisted companies, which are the industry segments leading enterprises, in addition, "Xinzhu "program section has also focused on investment in five companies.

      In asset management, Brightstone Innovation Investment Group's asset management business mainly through its subsidiary Brightstone Investment Management Co., Ltd. to carry out. Brightstone investment is one of the 22 venture investment management institutions,which through the National Development and Reform Commission qualification audit record, holding two state-level industrial fund management platform, with industrial investment fund management advantages.In addition, Brightstone Investment also initiated to establish many PE funds,including Brightstone Xinyuan, Deyuan, Keyuan, Shanghai Beidou, Brightstone Zhixin, which Brightstone Zhixin Fund got Tianan Property Insurance Company invested 2 billion yuan. Up to now, many projects of Brightstone Investment and its management team members have been successful listed, including German investment shares, Qinshang Optoelectronics, photonics technology, Kai Ying Network, Haiyun days, Buchang pharmacy, Dazu Laser, Xinda xin materials, many projects including Bo Yi Chile, Dehong International, Jianke shares, the great cause of power and other projects have been successful listed in the national SME share transfer system.

      In the third quarter of 2016, the company achieved total profit of 475.5166 million yuan, year-on-year grow rate of 60.30%,;net profit of 487.0785 million yuan, year-on-year grow rate of 64.37%. At the end of the reporting period, the Company's total assets amounted to RMB 7554.7012 million , year-on-year grow rate of 33.14% and net assets of RMB 5928.3775 million, year-on-year grow rate of 11.96%.

      At present, Brightstone innovation has been completed five big and five small strategic layout in Yantai (Five big company:
Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. Nuclear Yantai Tongxing industrial Co., Ltd .; Yantai Nuclear Crystal Ceramics Co., Ltd .; Yantai Sangni Rubber Co., , Ltd .and Yantai Sangni Nuclear Star Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd; Five small company: Yantai Nuclear Public New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Langxin Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai San-feng Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., Yantai Runxing Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd., Yantai Xinghe Filter Separation Equipment Co., Ltd.), and strive to build five listed companies in three years. In the future, Brightstone innovation will continue to adhere to the "investment + investment bank" investment strategy, and take industrial capital and financial capital’s cross-cutting, mutual penetration as means to fight itself into a domestic first-class, international influential industry investment group , and to do evergreen trees in the field of investment.

      Join hands with Brightstone to create a better future!