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Strategic Planning


 Designated Production & Professional Manufacturer
Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Co., Ltd has been manufactured various kinds of hyperbaric chambers and decompression products professionally for more than twenty years that is the appointed manufacturer of the General Logistic Department of People’s Liberation Army(PLA), the General Equipment Department of PLA, the Compass Department of the Admiralty and the Logistic Department of Armed Police Force. With rich experiences, all personnel work hard and forge ahead to build world top-class brand!

 Strong Strength & Long History
Our company is the longest, strongest and largest specialized company with the highest market share to professionally manufacture and install all kinds of medical hyperbaric chamber pressurized with air,Diving decompression chamber, hyperbaric and hypobaric chamber, aviation simulated return capsule,plateau oxygen inhaling equipment and other pressure vessels for human occupancy.

 Rich Experience & Outstanding Performance
The various of medical oxygen chambers of the company has been widely used in all kinds of hospitals and clinical institutions,navy rescue army and diving salvage units,aerospace and aviation medical experiments and plateau oxygen inhaling protection equipment etc.Up to now the market share of chambers built for hospitals and clinical institutions has reached over 60% and that of chambers for navy rescue army and fleet bases over 90%, that of various kinds of medical chambers,vehicle-based oxygen chambers,vehicle-based compression chambers, portable chambers and other plateau oxygen inhaling systems has reached over 80%.

 Advanced Technology & Excellent Quality
The technologists of Hongyuan company attach high importance to customers’ demand, acquiring many core technologies of hyperbaric chambers such as external recycle central air distribution technology of air-conditioner system,Multi-functional oxygen breathing control technology,Automated computer operation system and security detection system,etc.The company is rated as the business model of technology innovation in Shandong Province and advanced technology enterprise! The GY series hyperbaric chamber products are rewarded as brand product in Shandong and obtained gold award in Shandong manufacturing studying meeting!

 Effective, Timely and Considerable Services
The company sets five offices and over twenty service outlets in China with perfect service network and stores sufficient parts and accessories with permanent full-time staffs who could provide customers around the country timely and effective services. Hongyuan company own one excellent service team and perfect service system that pay a return visit forwardly and inspect safety at fixed period. We promise that the running ratio must reach 100%(we will bear the compensation if there is equipment troubles).

 Military Product & Striving for Excellence
Hongyuan Company is one military equipment contractor and earn the GJB9001B-2009 military equipment quality system certification, having manufactured over 200 hyperbaric chambers and decompression chambers with reliable quality!

 Going to Enter International Market
Hongyuan Company have exported products to international market successfully. With ASME certification, our products have been exported to Brunei, Nigeria, Egypt, Congo and other east Asia, Africa and middle east market!

 Perfect System & Complete Qualification
Hongyuan Company establish a full series of quality control system and obtain the quality system certification of ISO9001,ISO13485, CMD product certification and military equipment quality system certification!

 Excellent Quality & Safety and Reliability
Hongyuan Company adhere to the company principle of “Quality First,Safety Paramountcy”all the time and was the only qualified company during the state spot test action in 2005( please see the first issue of State Medical Appliance Quality Bulletin on 2006).

      Leading position in the field, creating world brand! Hongyuan’s staff is carry forward the cause pioneered by one’s predecessors and forge ahead into the future for ambitious target!