Portable medical pressure chamber (0.15Mpa)

    The portable medical pressurized cabin is a new type of single medical air pressurized oxygen chamber. Its maximum working pressure is 0.15Mpa. It is made of soft capsule made of new high-tech materials. It is equipped with tight hoop type pressure net cover and buckle type locking device to increase its stress strength. It has innovative design of high-strength zipper sealing structure, carbon fiber high-pressure cylinder and silent small-sized air compressor The system consists of a set of pressure equipment, hyperbaric oxygen cylinder and advanced self breathing equipment, cabin pressure monitoring and overpressure alarm device, cabin oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring binary gas analyzer and cabin patient vital signs monitoring analyzer and other advanced equipment. The equipment has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry, easy to operate and easy to maneuver. It is suitable for emergency treatment of patients with high altitude diseases, acute oxygen deficiency, and emergency medical equipment in high altitude area.